Upcoming Features

Upcoming Features

We are in constant efforts to enhance and update the application with the latest features using most modern technologies and according to the ever changing business scenario.

GST API Integration

An intermediary between two applications also an essential aspect of easing GST compliance.

Barcode Reader

Faster and easier to track inventory with  accuracy, control and cost savings.

E-Way Bill

E-way bill integration in compliance and as mandated by the Goods and Services Tax Act.

Serial Numbers

Assigning unique Identification to specific item, products for better management.


Integration with Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) to be managed by the GST Network (GSTN).

TDS Reports (26Q, 27Q)

TDS Reports to assist TDS 26Q & 27Q submission by every quarter in compliance with rules.

Interactive Dashboard

Business data management tool for tracking, analyzing, monitoring, and displaying key business metrics.

Enhanced User Rights

User Rights Management to allow users to perform tasks with proper rights and permissions.


Easy integration for better management all your company’s and Improve business relationships.

Business Forecast

Get accurate business metrics, with specifics of sales growth, and predictions for the future goals.


Easily manage payroll, benefits administration, time tracking and scheduling, and employee self-service.


Automate and streamline the process of paying your employees for their work with accurate calculations.

In-App Search

High-performance tool used to search solution for managing locally stored, structured data.

Global Search

Initiate search query to a specific activity within your application to get specific results.

Let’s simplify & automate your
Accounting Application

Let’s simplify & automate your
Accounting Application